Kindness & Thoughtfulness

True love means true "CARE", If you truly care, you must not say or do anything to hurt the one you truly love.

Website Mar. 19, 2016

Stephen Delgado Bugtai

-Kindness and thoughtfulness are the important key to happiness and success.

-Be nice to all people. Both the good and the bad have their unique ways of helping friends.

-Help or save someone in trouble, He might do the same to you someday. Always do good deeds in life. Helping people makes one feel proud and happy.

-Do not lose the credit standing and trust that others give you. It will not only ruin your future, but also your family.

-Kind words not only make people happy, they can also save lives. Harsh words not only hurt, but sometimes can cause their deaths.

-No business can become successful, even how hard the employees work, if they are not honest and loyal to their employer.

-An employer must remember that without honest and hard working employees, business can`t become successful. Motivation kindness and attractive compensation can make business more successful.

-Carelessness not only affects or ruins our life but also other people`s lives.

-Some people are cruel. They enjoy seeing others get hurt and suffer. They must realize that they too will suffer more of the pain they cause others, as God`s punishment.

-Forgive others so others will forgive you. If you continue hating others, you will only be hurting yourself.

-We can make good decisions, if we put ourselves in others shoes.

-Wholesome jokes and laughter make happy and healthy life. Bad Jokes very often result to troubles life.