Human Responsibility

Before falling in love, make sure to use your head wisely. Don`t just use your heart.

Website Mar. 19, 2016

Stephen Delgado Bugtai

-Before falling in love, make sure to use your head wisely. Don`t just use your heart.

-It is very important for lovers to be open with each other, especially about mental or physical problems. Dishonesty can ruin both their lives.

-If you cheat your partner before marriage, chances are you will continue cheating after marriage.

-Before marriage lovers are very thoughtful with one another. But after marriage some feel like strangers to each other, and selfish in giving each other`s needs.

-Marriage is like venturing into the unknown. Unless you are prepared to handle the needed responsibilities, you are bound to encounter problems and troubles.

-Learn to understand and accept the responsibilities we are going to face in each chapter of our life.

-Sex plays a major role in people`s lives. You can get into deep trouble because of sex. Some not only ruin their lives, but also others, even resulting in death. Be responsible in your sex life.

-Before bringing a child into this world, you must seriously commit yourself at least 20 years of responsibilities to ensure him of a better life.

-During the wedding couples make vows to each others: "For Happiness, For better or for worst, In sickness and in health, Till death do us part". But after marriage, some want to kill each so they can finally part.

-We must exhaust all means to make marriage work. Without swallowing our pride it will never work.

Mar. 19, 2016

Stephen Delgado Bugtai

Most men are great bluffers, and women are mostly great pretenders. Be honest, it is the wisest thing to do.